At Molyneux Educare, we believe all children can benefit from an early childhood education that is designed to meet their individual needs and to facilitate their personal development in all areas – physical, social, emotional, cognitive and intellectual.

WE BELIEVE strongly in the benefits of a mixed aged setting where siblings can be together, older children can learn leadership, role-modeling and empathy and younger children can challenge themselves to new skills.  We ensure we make opportunities for these interactions to occur regularly throughout the programme.

WE BELIEVE that a child’s culture and family provide the foundation upon which the child’s social competence develops.  Parents and teachers work together in partnership to address the needs and holistic growth of each child.  An open-door policy is maintained and families are welcomed and embraced.

WE BELIEVE that play is the best tool for learning, sharing individual interests and making meaning of the world around us.  Through purposeful play we encourage the children to challenge themselves, their teachers and their peers.  We want the children to ask questions, be active learners and problem solvers.

WE BELIEVE strongly in our role to develop independence and confidence by promoting risk taking, persistence, and responsibility as we believe these are life-long skills that make life-long learners.

WE BELIEVE in our role as a community owned organisation.  We believe in remaining flexible to adapt to community needs and fiscally minded to ensure we are providing a quality centred programme within a not-for-profit model.

WE BELIEVE that the ideal environment for children is inclusive, safe, healthy, organised, predictable, well planned, and accessible to all children.  It offers a rich variety of materials, choices, opportunities to play and learn in various size groups, and is culturally relevant to the families we serve.  Our low adult-child ratios are valued to ensure that our environment is quiet and calm and enables quality interactions.

WE BELIEVE our preschool community is part of a wider community and our environment reflects our local environment.  We form close bonds with local schools and community groups to forge extended ‘family relationships.’  We encourage and welcome regular visitors to our environment.

WE BELIEVE in our responsibility to be good employers and providing an environment where team members are respected and valued and feel supported and encouraged.